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Expert Cesspool Pumping in Bay Shore, NY

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Cesspool pumping in bay shore, ny is a huge part of owning a home on Long Island in Suffolk County n.y.

Approximately 70 percent of sanitary wastewater generated in suffolk county n.y. discharges to an onsite disposal systems.

That consists of septic tanks and cesspools.

Proper service procedures are highly necessary in keeping your sanitary sewage system functioning.

Cesspool Services 

Septic Tank Pumping / Cesspool Pumping Bay Shore, NY

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Having  your septic tank / main cesspool pumping is highly necessary to keep your onsite sewage system functioning.

Two brothers sewer & Drain cesspool pumping always recommends proper maintenance procedures.

Septic tanks and main cesspools should be pumped out every 2 to 5 years depending on house hold size.

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The point of having a septic tank is to separate the solid waste from the excess waste water used that flows into the overflow cesspool or drainage portion of your system. There are baffle walls and drop tee pipes inside the septic tank that make the separation possible. When water is being used in your home it runs threw your drain pipes . The solid matter and waste water that is discarded will run down the main drain pipe entering the septic tank / main cesspool.

When the solid waste brakes down in the septic tank It starts forming sludge and scum layers. The  scum layer forms and floats at the top and the sludge layer sinks and forms at the bottom of the septic tank. In between these two layers there is the effluent which is the excess waste water. Over time the sludge and scum layers get thicker .

Eventually these layers will build up and start pushing the scum and sludge past the baffles and drop tee into the overflow cesspool or drainage / leaching cesspool . When this happens it starts damaging the overflow cesspool. This will slow down the drainage / leaching process. This will shorten the lifespan of the septic cesspool system and put it into early failure. This is why regular maintenance should be preformed. Give us a call today to scheduled a cesspool pumping in bay shore, ny

Cesspool system location

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This can be a bit of a pain not knowing where your septic cesspool system is located. Especially when you need cesspool services preformed and are having an emergency. But nothing to worry about Two Brothers Sewer & Drain Cesspool service locates cesspools in bay shore, ny

By using our state of the art electronic locating equipment. With this we are able to pin point the exact location of the septic tank or cesspool system.We can even mark out damaged areas in your drain pipes like breaks, breeches, root growth, and even the collapse of you’re drain pipe. This makes for a faster locating process. With out this equipment it can take hours to find a cesspool system. Depending on the company there can be an hourly rate involved that can get expensive . Here at Two Brothers Sewer & Drain Cesspool Service .We keep this equipment  on hand to provide a better customer service experience and a more cost efficient cesspool service.

Cesspool Aeration Bay Shore, NY

cesspool aeration

If your cesspool is being pumped more often then usually and you haven’t had it aerated . Well this cesspool service is one in deed you will need.

Two Brothers sewer & drain cesspool pumping of bay shore, ny provides and Efficient and effective cesspool aeration service with long lasting results. Over a period of time and threw the normal use of your septic cesspool system drainage will slowdown. The sand bottom will eventually compress and sediment that builds up will create a sludge liner. This preventing your cesspools Draining capabilities.

Cesspool Chemical Treatment

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With normal use of your septic cesspool system over time sediment / sludge will coat the bottom of your drainage cesspool. A chemical treatment is recommended to brake down and dissolve this layer of sludge. The chemical is most effective after a cesspool pumping and cesspool aerated.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Bay Shore, NY

Cleaning Cesspool Drains

Keeping your drain pipes clean is essential for your home or business to operate properly. Over time sludge and debris will build up in your drains / waste pipes. This will eventually slow down or stop drainage leading to a waste water back up in your home.

Two Brothers provides sewer and drain cleaning to all bay shore, ny residents. we clean all types and size drains. Tubs, sinks, toilets, showers, washing machines, floor drains, and main drain pipes going to your sewer, septic tank or cesspool

Video Camera Inspections

camera pipe inspection

This is what you need if your home or business has a reoccurring clog / blockage in one of your drain pipes. By video camera inspecting we are able to see breeches, brakes, cracks, root growth and the collapsing of a drain pipe.

We are also able to pin point these damaged areas in the drain pipe for repair or replacement of the hole drain pipe. Call Two Brothers Sewer & Drain Cesspool Services today to get a full inspection of your drain pipes.

Cesspool Inspection and Cesspool Certification Bay Shore, NY

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A cesspool certification is a service we provide for  home buyers. Most banks will request one before final processing. It is to inspect and certify that the septic / cesspool and piping is in working condition. They may also want a video camera inspection and a open cover inspection on the cesspool as well. Scheduled an appointment today to get a certified cesspool inspection done.


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